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Cinderella - Even Princesses Cry

msoboe in ontd_aim

My chat with Brit-Brit

Ms oboe (3:07:01 PM): So is this really Britney?

Auto Response from "Britney Spears" (3:06:52 PM): busy busy
Ms oboe (3:07:45 PM): If it is, I just wanted to tell you that you are awesome.  I've been a fan for years.
"Britney Spears" (3:07:49 PM): thank you so much that meansa lot
Ms oboe (3:08:09 PM): I used to go to school with one of your cousins.
"Britney Spears" (3:08:08 PM): which one?
Ms oboe (3:08:28 PM): Laura Lynn....she was a golden girl while I was part of the Tiger Band
"Britney Spears" (3:08:46 PM): aww shes my cousin and one of my very best friends thats awesome
Ms oboe (3:09:20 PM): I had a few classes with her in undergrad, and she just seemed like she was the sweetest person ever.
Ms oboe (3:09:35 PM): Every now and then, she'd pull out an US weekly with a picture of you in it and joke how she was just cut out of the picture and was right on the other side...lol
"Britney Spears" (3:09:45 PM): aww haha she is very sweet i miss her lots
Ms oboe (3:10:12 PM): You haven't gotten to see her in awhile?
Ms oboe (3:11:29 PM): That's a shame if you haven't. 

Auto Response from "Britney Spears" (3:11:19 PM): busy busy
Ms oboe (3:11:51 PM): Anyway, you probably are way busy....can't wait for your next album to come out.  I need some new tunes to jam to!
"Britney Spears" (3:11:58 PM): thanks so much it means a lot
Ms oboe (3:12:52 PM): Are you going to get to come home for Jazz Fest?
"Britney Spears" (3:13:16 PM): i wish!  i would love to but things are so crazy right now i doubt it
Ms oboe (3:14:01 PM): That's a shame!  It's going to be a good year this year.
"Britney Spears" (3:14:02 PM): thats what i hear
"Britney Spears" (3:14:05 PM): ill try =)
Ms oboe (3:14:24 PM): Anyway, I'm about to go head out...law school finals are calling me. 
Ms oboe (3:14:55 PM): Good luck to you!  I hate hearing people say bad things about you, becuase I just imagine if you are even half way as sweet as Laura is, then you have to be a pretty awesome girl.
"Britney Spears" (3:15:11 PM): aww thanks so much that really does mean more to me than i can tell you and any friend of ll's is a friend of mine =) good luck with school!
Ms oboe (3:15:53 PM): Aww, thanks!  Maybe when you come back to Louisiana one day I can meet you.  That would be a total highlight!
"Britney Spears" (3:17:10 PM): thatd be awesome i miss louisiana so much!
Ms oboe (3:18:32 PM): Louisiana misses Brit-Brit!  You probably hate getting called crazy stuff like that...lol  But that's what I've always called you..haha
"Britney Spears" (3:18:51 PM): HAHA so many people call me that its all good!
Ms oboe (3:19:05 PM): And I'm really not some loonie tune...it wouldn't be good when I took the bar exam if I were!
"Britney Spears" (3:19:27 PM): hahah im sure laura picks good friends!
Ms oboe (3:19:39 PM): Awesome...I got your permission to call you Brit-Brit so that makes me feel better.
Ms oboe (3:20:07 PM): I wasn't ever really close with her, just since there are so many people in band.  But I actually worked for the band department, and got to help out with the golden girl auditions...so I always got to watch all the auditions.
"Britney Spears" (3:20:19 PM): aw thats awesome yeah she loved it
Ms oboe (3:21:05 PM): I remember we always used to think it would have been awesome if she had come in and danced to one of your songs...haha
"Britney Spears" (3:21:39 PM): aww i wouldve been honored
Ms oboe (3:22:14 PM): She would definitely have been awesome. 
Ms oboe (3:22:53 PM): So is it okay if I message you again sometime?  I know you probaby have 50 million fans messaging you right now, so if you want me to leave you alone, I'll respect that.  I just think you're awesome!
"Britney Spears" (3:23:47 PM): no i enjoyed talkin to you youre very sweet and its cool to be able to talk to someone i dont really know sometimes to escape the la hype...and its cool youre from Louisiana and you know my cousin!  so anytime girl!  thanks for the kind words..im actually about to run out but it was great talking to you!!
Ms oboe (3:24:35 PM): Thanks Brit-Brit!  I'll definitely drop you a line again then sometime.  You're awesome and we all can't wait for the new album!!


How do you know that's her?
I thought we confirmed that the Britney Spears one was a fake?
man, that's sweet!<3
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