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Elisha is seriously adorable

She was actually a sweetheart and I enjoyed talking to her. Nothing too scandalous under the cut, but just proof that celebs can be really sweet and normal.

yay elisha

me: you > rest of hollywood
me: 4real
Elisha: You're sweet
me: i kid you not, madam
me: sorry, these IMs must be gettin annoying.... but you know, just wanted to utilize the info provided to me to say hi and give u my support
Elisha: I appreciate the route you decided to take
Elisha: A lot more mature than the rest
me: yeah im sure many take the opportunity to be complete assholes
me: its a shame
Elisha: It really is
me: not that it matters, but you should keep your hair short. youre one of the few with a facial structure that compliments it and IMO you should keep rockin it
me: cuz not everyone can pull it off an well, if i could i would
Elisha: Aw
Elisha: Thanks
me: true story
me: haha
Elisha: I was nervous at first
Elisha: But then I thought 'what the hell'
me: ha yeah i can imagine
me: the more defined jawlines look really hot with it. i have more of a round face so it works better with longer layed hair
me: eh, its all about rockin what God gave u
Elisha: Well said
Elisha: What site did you get my info from? Was it this ONDT or something I keep hearing about?
me: ha yeah... ONTD
me: its a livejournal community. your actually was only mentioned once. people are more obsessed with the people all over tabloids i.e. paris, nicole, mischa, lohan
Elisha: Thankfully my phone number wasn't put out there.
me: i guess they like electronically torturing them more than actresses we actually LIKE
me: no
me: not that i've seen
me: god, i can only imagine
Elisha: I've only had to change my number once
Elisha: A pain
me: yeah
me: were you only of the victims when paris's phone got hacked a while back?
me: i know it really pissed off a lot of people
Elisha: No, I wasn't one of them at the time
me: good
me: i read some interview and fergie talked about it
Elisha: This time? Or last?
me: no, last
me: ive barely heard any mention of this time. only heresay, but no one can be sure any of the sns are truely who they say they are
Elisha: Yeah, that was a big mess.
me: harsh
me: are you originally from california? I'm from Norcal, so it's always good to see fellow californians making it in the biz
Elisha: No, actually I was born and raised in Canada
me: oh wow, good stuff
me: ive only been to vancouver and its beautiful up there.
Elisha: I miss it a lot.
me: yeah i bet. going from that to LA must be a big change
Elisha: Very, but I have no complaints
me: absolutely
Elisha: Alright sweetie, I have to run
maddyPWNSj00: cool
me: hey, thanks for taking the time to talk to me
me: it seriously means a lot
Elisha: Sure thing. Thanks for being normal
me: ha, your welcome. thats the first time ive been complimented for being normal. take it easy babe
Elisha: Ciao!

Like I said, she was super nice and I hope her great happiness and success in her personal and professional life. Elisha if you see this I think you rule and I'm so glad you took the time to talk to me! Keep up being awesome babe =)


She sounded really nice, and kudos to you for being really mature. I don't understand why people send harrassing messages to celebrities.
Good for you for being mature than all these other morons harrassing the celebs.
but when was her s/n leaked?
i never caught it.
it was on ontd i think.... i honestly forget where i found it but someone else had talked to her
Anyone else noticed that when the mention ONTD, they always say "this ONDT"?
She was sweet.
bb ; sanjaya

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