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his_for_life in ontd_aim

All right, I'm actually NOT a fan of hers but I was nice to her and pretended to be a fan anyway because she was the only person on. I don't know if she's the real deal or not, but here's the convo.

LovableAddiction: hey beautiful miss britney. :)
LovableAddiction: how are you doing? you're looking fabulous.
LovableAddiction: i honestly don't mean to harass you, i just want to say hi and was hoping you'd say hi back.
jivebjs: thank you
LovableAddiction: you're welcome. :)
LovableAddiction: have you gotten a million IM's tonite? someone leaked your SN apparently. i feel bad for you and the others.
LovableAddiction: have you heard of ontd?
jivebjs: no
LovableAddiction: oh ok. :)
LovableAddiction: how are you?
LovableAddiction: do you have 234728937492374 im's?
jivebjs: haha yes i do
LovableAddiction: i'm sorry lol
LovableAddiction: when do you plan on releasing your new album?
LovableAddiction: you started recording it, right?
jivebjs: its in the works
LovableAddiction: that's awesome! in the zone was awesome as hell. <3
jivebjs: thanks so much
LovableAddiction: you're welcome!
LovableAddiction: you look so amazing too for someone who had 2 kids.
LovableAddiction: i just had a baby myself 5 months ago and i found it hard to lose the weight :(
jivebjs: aww you are a doll, thanks baby
LovableAddiction: you're welcome.
LovableAddiction: how many im's do you have?
LovableAddiction: i hope i'm not bothering you.
jivebjs: youre not
LovableAddiction: i don't want to seem like an annoying harassing fan. lol
LovableAddiction: i can understand how annoying it must be.
LovableAddiction: heyyy since you look amazing, do you have any advice for a new mother trying to lose weight? any special work outs or food?
jivebjs: pilates yoga dancing
LovableAddiction: i heard a lot of people do pilates and love it. :)
jivebjs: its awesome
LovableAddiction: i can't dance, haha. you got moves though.
jivebjs: haha thank you
jivebjs: youre one of the sweetest people who have IMed me today
jivebjs: i came across a lot of assholes
LovableAddiction: i can imagine.
LovableAddiction: i don't want to be immature and start shit.
LovableAddiction: i can't imagine what it must be like, seriously.
LovableAddiction: so much pressure, having people watch your every move..
LovableAddiction: ugh.
LovableAddiction: oh yeah, and thanks. i'm glad you think i'm nice. :)
jivebjs: it has its ups and downs
LovableAddiction: i feel really bad for you guys sometimes. people try to say it's "part of the job" but sometimes the papz take it way too far, like harassing you guys with your kids..
LovableAddiction: that should be illegal, for realz.
LovableAddiction: so anyway. lol
LovableAddiction: i'm melissa, from phoenix, arizona. i'm 21. i'm a new mommy. i <33 your albums, and you. i wish i had your dance moves because i look like a retarded monkey when i dance.
jivebjs: you are so sweet, thanks so much for your words
LovableAddiction: you're welcome.
LovableAddiction: do you chat online a lot when you have time?
LovableAddiction: i heard halle b goes online a lot in chatrooms but nobody believes it's her.
LovableAddiction: soo funny.
jivebjs: i actually heard that and couldnt believe it but i understand why she would sometimes its nice to talk to someone you know
LovableAddiction: Yeah, I can imagine. I would probably do that too, haha.
LovableAddiction: Actually I've always wanted to be an actress (doesn't every girl?) but it's so hard and my mom never supported me.
LovableAddiction: It would be so exciting and thrilling, but I know it's a lot of hard work.
LovableAddiction: I hope I'm not alienating you. lol
jivebjs signed off at 9:01:35 PM.
jivebjs: youre not at all

Then she went into away:

Auto response from jivebjs: respect my privacy please.

thanks to many for your support.

LovableAddiction: Everything ok?
LovableAddiction: hey brit brit <3

Auto response from jivebjs: i wish i could talk to all of my fans individually. unfortunately when you give people an inch, they take a mile. thanks so much for the kind words- they mean more to me than you know. xoxo- b


I really like Britney.
Did she bitch anyone out? Or break anyone's screen with her umbrella?
Sadly no.
bb ; sanjaya

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